1. | Banking, finance and insurance law

A | Banking and financial regulation
  • Institutions and relations with the authorities

GAUVIN & RAJI | AVOCATS assists its clients with setting up financial institutions in Europe and Africa, obtaining approvals, authorizations and the European Passport. We represent and assist our clients in their dealings with the supervisory authorities, whether with the practical implementation of projects or in connection with inspections or disciplinary proceedings (drafting of responses, implementation of corrective measures, assistance during hearings).

  • Services and tools

GAUVIN & RAJI | AVOCATS advises its clients on the legal compliance of their activities. For example, we ensure the legality of the commercial practices of financial institutions with regard to customer protection (consumer law, personal data protection, etc.) and the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism; we verify the compliance of new financial instruments, and, in the event of non-compliance, we endeavor to structure them differently.

B | Digital banking and finance

GAUVIN & RAJI | AVOCATS is a player in the digital revolution of the banking sector. We have participated in the structuring of international remittance corridors, the creation of electronic money institutions, the issuance and distribution in Europe of payment tokens, and the implementation of instant payment solutions. We also work on the digitization of financial instruments and financial futures contracts in particular.

C | Structuring and marketing of new instruments and products

GAUVIN & RAJI | AVOCATS is mandated by its clients to design and market new products (derivatives, digital assets), particularly through digital means. In France, we structured the first credit default swap (CDS) in 1999. In Morocco, we were involved in the first structured financing products, convertible subordinate financing, synthetic securitizations using credit linked notes and limited recourse deposits. We made it possible for the first structured certificates of deposit to be issued to allow certain categories of investors to benefit from the performance of foreign financial assets without having to subscribe for them, thereby complying with foreign exchange regulations.

D | Fund structuring
  • Structuring and governance of sovereign wealth funds

GAUVIN & RAJI | AVOCATS assisted the African Development Bank with the structuring and creation of Africa50. We were involved in the restructuring of other African sovereign funds, in particular to align their governance with the Santiago Principles.

  • Structuring of equity funds, investment funds, SPVs, defeasance, etc.

We have advised on the structuring of private funds for various purposes: for example, the feasibility of SME financing; in France, the feasibility of financing social housing in Martinique; the creation of funds benefiting from the tax shield regime; in Morocco, the creation of a fund to finance green infrastructure projects in Africa.

E | Financing

GAUVIN & RAJI | AVOCATS advises its clients on the drafting and negotiation of asset financing agreements, loan restructuring, and the sale of interests in syndicated loans. We also help with the settlement of litigious documentary credits, in particular in countries where the legal risk is high.

F | Islamic Finance

GAUVIN & RAJI | AVOCATS provides advisory services in relation to the structuring and negotiation of sharia compliant products (Murabaha, Musharaka, Ijara, Tawarruq, guarantees, Istisnaa, syndication, etc.). We were involved in the creation of one of the first participatory banks in Morocco.